Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the day and time of the parade?

Saturday,  December 4, 2021 /  Step off is 6:00pm but if parking, get there an hour or two early to park.

2. What is the Theme of this year’s parade?

World Of Snow

3. Where can I find information on the internet?


4. Where can I get an application?

Application Link

5. When is the mandatory parade/safety meeting?

November 30, 2021 6:00p at Sunset Family Life Center

6. Where is Sunset Family Life Center?

34th and Louisville Avenue (3631 34th Street)

7. What does it cost to enter the parade?

Individuals, churches, non-profits – $25. All businesses – $50.

8. Are vendors allowed?


9. What is the last day to turn in an application?

November 26, 2021

10. Can businesses put their business vehicles in the parade?

Only if they are completely lit with Christmas lights and are visually appealing for a Christmas event, or, if they are pulling a lighted parade float.   You can’t just have a vehicle or truck in the parade.

11. Can walking groups participate in the parade?

Yes. Walking groups can participate, but must have light sticks, light necklaces or light bracelets so they can be seen.

12. How many vehicles can be included in an entree?

Up to four. All must be well lighted.

13. Can we throw candy?

You may have walkers walk along and give candy out, but absolutely no throwing candy. Because this is a night time parade it is to dangerous to throw candy.

14. Where can I find the rules for the parade?

Rules are listed on the application.

15. Can we have a live Santa on our float?

No. There is only one live Santa, the real Santa, allowed and he rides on the US Marine float.

16. Are there grandstands to view the parade?


17. What is the parade route?

From 34th and Avenue Q to 34th and Indiana.

18. Where do we park at the beginning of the parade?

North parking lot of Byron Martin Center or O.L. Slaton Middle School.

19. Who do we contact about the parade?


20. How long does the parade take?

One and a half to two hours.

21. Who profits from the parade?

No one.   The parade is an all-volunteer organization.